Photographer. Travel junkie. Animal lover. Sci-Fi nerd.

Sharon grew up in Canada and has been creating pictures for as long as she can remember.

Her first love was painting, but a school project to make a pinhole camera out of a shoebox sparked a lifelong fascination with the captured image.

After stints living in both London and New Zealand, Sharon currently resides in Melbourne, Australia and shoots a variety of commercial and editorial imagery with an emphasis on people and places. She also works collaboratively with her partner-in-crime Brence Coghill on photography projects under the collective name Image Workshop.

An aficionado of the classics, she’s a sucker for vintage black & white movies and Bugs Bunny cartoons. She’s also an animal lover, with a particular fondness for dogs.

Sharon thrives on variety, has two up-to-date passports, and travels as often as possible.